25 June 2012

Examining current results

Well, the methods all run. That's a nice thing. The not-so-nice thing is that their results are not exactly in line with what the R code suggests they should be. Specifically, in the case of lscomplex, all of the R results are compressed into the first 400 values, taking omegamax = 1, 20 octaves and 100 coefficients per octave, while the next 1600 values are all infinitesimally small frequencies which are in essence garbage values ... oh, and my code generates values 283.42 times larger than the R results. (Other oddities are cropping up in the fast methods as well, but I'd rather break it down in the ordinary methods first.)

In short, I'm slightly confused and need to work out what exactly is going wrong here. I have a feeling this will involve the rest of the day.

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