07 June 2012

Rewritten code and irregular segfaults

So, I decided on Monday that the best option was to completely rewrite fastlscomplex from scratch; the code took a day to write, and on Wednesday morning, it compiled just fine. One minor problem is that it causes segfaults. (Okay, more than just minor. But it runs, sometimes.) I've figured out where the segfault is, after abusing std::cout as a way to check that it's running. The segfault-causing error is somewhere in the merging code, so I'm going to remove the output I added to check on what output was generated so far, and focus my attention on the merging code so that I can determine why it's failing.

The other problem with this code currently is that it doesn't actually output results. When it does run, it generates a long vector of the correct size, all of whose elements are zero. That's ... not exactly the result I was expecting, so while I know the actual answer-generating code is not killing the process, there's obviously a problem in it somewhere. That's what I'll be focusing on this afternoon, after I find a way to keep the code from randomly going ballistic on me.

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