17 June 2012

Sorry about the radio silence

So, on Wednesday I had a bunch of stuff stolen out of my locker at the gym, including my laptop and various other important things. This halted my work for a little while as I reassembled my life, but I have a computer again and am currently running ./configure to build Octave; I should be completely set up to get to work again later today.

In code-related news, everything I've written up to this point (except for edits to the lombnormcoeff.m file) was stored in the octave-forge svn, so nothing was lost (other than time, money, a sense of privacy, and my general peace of mind) when the thief got at my stuff. That's the upside of offsite storage! To my mentors, I'll be back at work tomorrow, and once I get everything really rebuilt I'll have more code to submit (I'll test fastlscomplex tomorrow and then write fastlsreal as it's just a few additional steps on top of fastlscomplex.)

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  1. Sorry to know that
    May god bless you with better prospects :)