22 May 2012

The day's development(s)

Sorry for the pun. Really, I am. A little.

In actuality, though, an interesting thing came up in today's work; in testing the wavelet correlation coefficient function, I ran into a problem—minor, but large enough to be considered for wishlist work: the time and frequency inputs need to be scalars, and the time series data needs to be vectors. At the least, that's true with the current code strucutre; there are probably ways to get around it, but it will require either loops or completely restructuring the algorithm as it stands (unless there's something I'm not seeing.) This was the lion's share of today's work, then, testing why exactly some operations failed; as it is, internally, if the input vectors are not row vectors, the code will convert them since it's easier than duplicating other operations to handle the column-vector case. On the other hand, the code I've produced I've tested against the R functions, and they all check out!

With the documentation and tests I've written so far, I'm going to plough on forward and start on the next functions; once I've written at least one implementation of the LSSA algorithm (with nureal being the next function up) I will start writing a demo script using the Vostok data, currently stored in lssa/data, at least until I can find a final location to store the files.

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