17 May 2012

Week-by-week timeline

So, after having had a fairly crazy week, here's my expected week-by-week timeline; note that documentation and testing will be ongoing, even though there is a buffer zone specifically for that. That buffer time is also in case something takes longer than I expect, or other problems/discoveries crop up. In short, the buffer zone is to catch problems and make sure I've got enough room for everything, but if I'm up to date I will stop and document, write tests, and do background work for some wishlist tasks (see the post I'll put up after this for wishlist details.)

  • 21 may: Coding begins
    • 21 may - 25 may: cubicwgt, nucorrcoeff, nuwaveletcoeff
    • 28 may - 1 jun: nureal, nucomplex, start fastnucomplex
    • 4 jun - 8 jun: fastnucomplex
    • 11 jun - 15 jun: fastnucomplex, lombnormcoeff
    • 18 jun - 22 jun: fastnureal
    • 25 jun - 29 jun: nuwavelet, lombcoeff
    • 2  jul - 6 jul: fastnuwavelet
  • 9 jul: Midterm evaluation submission window opens
    • 9 jul - 13 jul: Buffer zone for catching up on documentation, writing OctConf presentation.
  • 13 jul: Midterm evaluation submission window closes
    • 16 jul - 20 jul: [OctConf] — Talk presented at some point
    • 22 jul - 27 jul: nurealcoeff, package and release prototype package. Begin receiving community comments and making community edits.
    • 30 jul - 10 aug: Hopefully, wishlist time. Research on weekends.
  • 13 aug: Suggested "pencils down" date
    • 13 aug - 20 aug: code revision
  • 20 aug: Firm "pencils down" date; final evaluation submission window opens
  • 24 aug: Final evaluation submission window closes
(Other after-coding stuff happens.)

Note that the order has been preserved from Assembling a Roadmap, as that order seemed perfectly rational to me. Also, depending on what my further code reading turns up, nuwavelet may not be done (as I noted in Roadmap) since there is no R function that would appear to use it.

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