21 May 2012

A short update

As of right now, I've finished writing all three functions I had planned for this week (yes, more than a little ahead of schedule; then again, I may well need that time and then some when it comes to the C functions.) Of more interest to me currently is learning more about testing mechanisms and documentation methods. I went to a cafe to read about that ... but their router was down, for some reason or another. As such, I'll be reading about that tonight, and I will probably do an SVN commit shortly just to have the code I've generated so far in the repository, if anyone wants to have a look at it. (As I noted in one of the files, I've kept the variable names from the original R functions, except where changing the variable made it more comprehensible.)

(I am somewhat distraught by having an O(2n) complexity on a few functions; if anyone has a better solution than my truth vector workaround (in nuwaveletcoeff, nucorrcoeff) please leave a note in the comments!)

Beyond that, I'll look to add the CSV versions of the Vostok data to the folder also, as I'll be building a few tests based on it, as well as example code. There does not seem to be a normal method for including data files so far, so I'm going to see what there is to be done about that, and also ask some questions.

In short, that's where I am as of 16h00, 21 may — (and to everyone in Canada, happy Victoria Day (or Journée des Patriotes for anyone in Québec)!)

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