22 May 2012

Extracting usable data from RDA files and plotting

This post is just to discuss the R code I've determined works to extract data from the binary RDA files included with the nuspectral package as well as plotting commands for some of the graphs included with the article, done in R:

First, as Nir determined, there need to be some modifications to the firstlib.r file, in the nuspectral/R folder:

 .First.lib <- function(lib, pkg) {
       library.dynam('nuspectral', pkg, lib)

To actually extract the data, after running a test, I just ran these commands, while in the folder above /nuspectral:

> load("./nuspectral/data/ch4.rda")
> load("./nuspectral/data/co2.rda")
> load("./nuspectral/data/o18.rda")
> load("./nuspectral/data/deut.rda")
> load("./nuspectral/data/dust.rda")
> write.csv(ch4,file="./nuspectral/data/ch4.csv")
> write.csv(co2,file="./nuspectral/data/co2.csv")
> write.csv(o18,file="./nuspectral/data/o18.csv")
> write.csv(deut,file="./nuspectral/data/deut.csv")
> write.csv(dust,file="./nuspectral/data/dust.csv")

As for plotting the data in question,
> plot(-(co2[[3]]),co2[[4]],type="l")
> plot(-(deut[[2]]),deut[[4]],type="l")
To generate the other plots, I'm waiting until I've written the necessary tools in Octave. Then I'll tackle a 2D plotting method.

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